Welcome and thank you for reviewing my page.

My name is Francisco Campos, I am a home designer based in Riverside, California.

I started doing residencial design, about thirty years ago, as a side secondary job, since then, I have been in a learning process that never ended; in this process of learning, I have worked as a draftsman, estimator, and project manager, until I decided to do what I´m passionate about.... residential design.

I have Civil Engineering studies, Construction Technology, and Residencial design.


In 2004, I established Campos Technology, with the mind set on doing residencial design and provide outsource drafting services to other design profesionals


In 2007, I became a California Licensed General Contractor, and start doing construction for a selected list of clients, that wanted to have a design-build type of professional for their projects.


In 2008 and 2009, founded what is now known as Acustica de El Salvador; a business aimed to provide consulting, design services, and acoustical products for the Central America region, including Mexico and Panama. 

Up to this date, JF Campos provides:

  • Residential design.

  • General construction.

  • Acoustical consulting

  • Outsoursing drafting services.


It has been a long journey since 1986, but at the same time has been full of learning experiences and acomplishments.


Francisco Campos